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About Us

A New Path Financial is all about Clarity, Transparency, and YOU!

Over the years, we have found that a team approach can be an effective method to help clients who have a wide variety of needs as they maneuver through a complex financial-services world.

Our Primary Purpose

We are a client centered firm – now what does that mean? It means that you are the center of the process, we will create a plant that meets your needs. We will raise and explain conflicts of interest. Because we are independent we don’t have quotas or proprietary products we have to sell like a chain or bank, instead you are at the center of the process and we can go out and find the right product for you, be it an investment, insurance or education fund, we look for low costs, sound ratings and performance.

We invite you to discover and experience the power of our services. We believe it has far-reaching benefits for our clients to get opinions from several sources with diverse backgrounds, education, and experience.

No one strategy fits everyone, which is why every client gets our undivided attention—from planning to execution to follow-up. We take a proactive approach to helping you develop a strategy to address your financial goals and objectives.

Recognizing that everyone encounters challenges along the way, we strive to anticipate and address those situations as they occur. We want to keep you on track toward a meaningful and purpose-driven financial future.

Knowledge is Power

It’s also the foundation for intelligent, well-considered decisions. When you have a goal in mind, sound decisions are vital in helping you pursue your goals and avoid costly mistakes that can impact your future. For many, understanding every aspect of personal finance can be daunting. From paying off debts, to investing, insurance, impacts of taxation and estate planning, finances can be more complicated than they appear. We are a firm that is not only committed to assisting you, but also empowering you with educational resources. We have a number of helpful tools and financial classes available for you. 

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Our Core Focus and Values

We help clients move from financial uncertainty to clarity through our core focus and values: respectful compassion, continual self-improvement, collaboration, transparency, and life-balance.

Respectful Compassion: We care about each of our clients, just like we care for one another and our families. 

Continual Self-Improvement: We make a point of attending continuous education events to stay on top of economic, legislative, and industry changes that can affect our clients' outcomes. We also regularly offer classes to make our clients smarter about money. 

Transparency: We embrace our fiduciary duty, that means client needs always come first. 

Life-Balance: We strive to provide unmatched personal service to our clients, who we think of as family. We work as a team, so that we are able to balance our professional commitments with maintaining loving family relationships and purposeful lives.

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