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How We Work

We start with listening.  We want to know what your most burning issue is that brought you to our doorstep.  Then we want to learn your story, what got you where you are today, how you interact with money in your life, what have you learned in the process.

Next, we begin by taking inventory to help us assess where you are at this moment, right now.  We use financial planning software, that helps us assess your tolerance for risk, as well as project into the future.

Then we build a proposal that we talk about with you, before it becomes a plan - YOUR PLAN.

We help you implement that plan, because honestly, if we all don't have a helping hand, sometimes we never take a step.

Lastly, we re-asses, at least annually, to see how you are doing in relation to the goals you set out, make changes as needed and address your changing needs.

Laughter and tears are sometimes part of the process, as they are in life, and this is about YOUR LIFE.


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As an independent firm, we do not have proprietary products or quotas.  

Financial Planning

Overall Financial Planning

Retirement Planning

New Relationship Planning

Small Business Planning

Education Planning

Protection Planning

Goal Based Investment Planning and Management

Planning for Families with Special Needs

Financial Planning as a Result of Divorce

Legacy Planning

Planning after the Loss of a Loved One


Disability Income Insurance

Life Insurance

Long-Term-Care Insurance

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