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Where are you on your financial path?

Do you have a plan with your finances? Do you have enough set aside for retirement?
Are you on track to do the things you really want to do in life? 


With the recent COVID-19 virus, there brings a lot of uncertainty and financial stress. Follow the tips in this video if you're uncertain with your finances during these tough times.

No matter where you are on your life's path or what has happened in your past, A New Path Financial Advisors can help you establish and implement your financial plan, so that you can know you are on your way. Our financial advisors work with you to map your goals and dreams, identify potential obstacles, make recommendations and help you organize your financial life. They will create a comprehensive strategy to address your individualized financial goals so that you can be on a path to make your dreams a reality.

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Why A New Path Financial

Our team of experienced professionals can help you address your specific needs today and for many years to come. We bring diverse experience and knowledge to the planning process.  From families supporting adults with special needs, people dealing with divorce, funding education or starting a business, we offer unique skills in specific areas that enable us to look at situations from a greater perspective and level of understanding.

We start by listening. We want to know your story. Next, we take inventory to help us assess where you are right now by using financial planning software. Then, we build a proposal that we talk about with you, before it becomes your plan. We then implement the plan together, monitor, and adjust as life changes.

We're a Client Centered Firm

Being a client-centered firm means that you are the center of the process, we will create a plan that meets your needs. We will raise and explain potential conflicts of interest. Because we are independent we don’t have quotas or proprietary products we have to sell like a chain or bank, instead you are at the center of the process and we can go out and find the right product for you, be it an investment, insurance or education fund, we look for lower fees, sound ratings and performance.

We offer comprehensive planning and wealth management services for major life transitions, including, but not limited to:

Wealth Management


Small Business/Career Change

Marriage or Divorce

Education Funding

Special Needs

Death of a Loved One

Charitable Giving and Legacy

Your Personal Goal


Mutual Funds


Common Stock

Educational 529s

Traditional IRAs

Roth IRA


401(k) Plans

Simple IRA

Brokerage Accounts

Treasury Bills

Government Securities

Treasury Notes



Disability Income Insurance

Life Insurance

Long-Term-Care Insurance

Everyone has questions and a story… we start by listening to yours.