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Where to find a certified financial planner™ in Michigan

Where to find a certified financial planner™ in Michigan

November 27, 2020

Financial goals can change over the years when there is a shift in circumstances and lifestyles of a person, in terms of a career change, inheritance, house purchase,  marriage, or as the family grows. If you consider managing your finance for the future you can contact a certified financial planner in Michigan who is experienced and committed to providing you a high standard of financial planning.

Who is a certified financial planner?

A certified financial planner is an experienced professional who meets the experience,  ongoing education requirements, and cleared the test that estimates competency and knowledge to provide financial planning with the highest ethical standards.

When to Call on a financial planner Professional?

You can call a financial planner at any time. Whether it's for proactive planning or you want an expert opinion on your current financial plan or want to create a new financial plan, a professional financial planner can assist you to help you plan your financial goals.

Apart from these, there are various events  that might prompt you to seek  a professional financial planner, such as:

A Change in Marital Status

Both marriage and divorce can bring about big financial changes. Whether you have just got married or divorced, if you are concerned about how to stay on track in order to achieve your personal financial goals, contacting your financial planner it's a great option. 

A Change in Employment Status

Even if you have a substantial amount of personal savings, losing a job at an unexpected time can bring immediate financial pressure. A financial planner can help you to efficiently deal with this kind of situation. 

Coping With a Financial Challenge

Whether you are dealing with an accumulation of high-interest loans or credit card debt,  compulsive buying disorder or gambling addiction, prolonged illness in the family, or another issue that is seriously straining your finances, you can take help from a financial planner to overcome financial distress.

Long-Term Planning for Major Life Milestones

If you want to start planning for major life events or goals, you want to have a well-developed plan to successfully reach those goals. A financial planner can help you in developing your plan. 

Starting a Business

Building a business from the ground up can involve a vast financial ramification. A financial planner is equipped with the expertise and knowledge to guide you and advise you on technical business matters to help you optimize your business’s financial plans.

A certified financial planner in  Michigan

Whether it's for your personal finance or business, the professional financial planner can provide a high standard of financial planning service to help you stay right on track towards your goals. If you want to find a certified financial planner in Michigan, New Path Financial is just the place.

Whether it's for saving for college, planning for retirement, or other goals, our certified financial planners in Michigan are sworn to act in the best interest of our clients and are committed to providing unbiased counsel and advice to help them implement their financial plans and prepare for uncertain events that might occur in the future.

The professionals at New Path Financial are certified and well trained to help you create a comprehensive financial strategy to help you plan short or long-term financial goals. If you have queries, call to speak to our certified financial planners.