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Your Custom Financial Plan in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1. We work with you to outline your financial goals

Step 2. We take a deep analysis of your current financial health

Step 3: We propose a plan and investments strategy to help you reach those goals

Who This Financial Plan is For

  • Those feeling stressed because they aren't sure they're saving enough

  • Those recently faced with a sudden health or life event (like divorce)

  • Those that would like to pay off debt, such as student loans and credit cards

  • Those that would like to afford big expenses, such as kids' college, kitchen remodel, or a dream vacation

  • Those that are unsure about what their retirement will look like

  • Those that don't understand what asset allocations or how their investments are doing

  • Those that want to know when and how they can retire

  • Those that have family members with special needs
About A New Path Financial

About A New Path Financial

At A New Path Financial, our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professionals are fiduciaries who take a holistic, personalized approach to bringing clarity to your financial picture, and expert guidance to help you reach your goals. 

A New Path Financial has been featured in many known publications, including MarketWatch, Bloomberg, and InvestmentNews.

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Included in the $995 Financial Plan

<strong>Understanding your current financial health</strong>

Understanding your current financial health

<strong>Addressing hurdles and protecting against risk</strong>

Addressing hurdles and protecting against risk

<strong>Planning for major expenses like education, home, or lifestyle dreams</strong>

Planning for major expenses like education, home, or lifestyle dreams

<strong>Developing your investment strategy</strong>

Developing your investment strategy

<strong>Securing income for retirement</strong>

Securing income for retirement

<strong>Planning for your legacy<br/> </strong>

Planning for your legacy

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to receive my financial plan?
    We work in partnership with our clients to collect information that gives us clarity into your financial life and to reflect your personal plans for the future. The iterative process can usually be completed within one month depending on how quickly we can pull together documents and the complexity of your unique plan. The number of meetings tend to be 3-4 depending on availability of information and complexity of your situation.

  • Can you help me manage my financial portfolio after?
    Once we complete your plan, our licensed wealth managers are happy to help you achieve it. We will give you a proposal so you can make that decision in an informed manner.

  • What are fiduciaries?
    As fiduciaries, we put your best interest ahead of our own.

  • Do I have to be local to the Ann Arbor?
    We are licensed for many states, not just Michigan. Call us to check if we can help you in your state.

  • Will meetings take place in person or virtually? Time are a changing and we are flexible to meet in person or virtually, whatever works best for you.

  • What information do I need to give you?
    Your financial plan will reflect your personal financial situation. To do that, we work with you to understand what documents and information are relevant now and to your financial future so that we can provide you a comprehensive and meaningful plan. This might include recent account statements, Social Security and/or pension information, as well as your current obligations, such as your mortgage or any other debts.

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